China Ban Tv Adverts During Dramas.

Need For Product Placement? Advertisements

Demise of the 30 Second TV ad and Need for Product Placement.

‘A Coward Dies a Thousand Deaths’ Shakespeare For my research project I have chosen to look into product placement. Product placement is quite a large area: television (USA), cinema, sports, radio and publishing… Continue reading

Art and soul cont…

All three poster  for my tree museum printed off n grayscale for just now. Colour next week when I have made up the finished boards.

The Art and Soul of the Trees

Prototype poster for tree museum. MPA ROSES brief – Tree hugger.  John Steinbeck is a famous writer, Of men and Mice and The Grapes of Wrath are only a couple of his popular works.… Continue reading

Student Personas

  As a group we have created four different student persona types to help us identify what kind of students there are and to remind ourselves when/where students are likely to read newspapers.

Interviewing the Demographic

Following on from Fionnlagh’s Interview. Paula and I enjoy interview and talking to the public for our projects and today was no different.  We approached anyone greeting them with “Excuse me, are you a… Continue reading


The image of the ‘i’ paper is a far cry from its mother paper the Independent. It has more quirky graphics and striking colours, yet it uses the same text from articles it… Continue reading

Group Research Blog

My group research blog, where we are currently analysing the ‘i’ newspaper to marketing it towards students and make it the most read amongst the demographic. ADVERTISING BY DUMMIES    

The Return of IRN BRU, The Good Adverts

Whilst looking at Ad agencies in Scotland, I stumbled upon the Leith Agency who have recently returned IRN BRU to it’s former glory in their adverts. We all remember the good auld IRN BRU… Continue reading

Playful type from Kyle Kargov – Arnie one liners