Manifesto for a Pathologist…

So it has come true! After weeks of spectulation about our project in graphics, what we feared the worst has been said, : Combine your profession with your art movement and come up… Continue reading

Obey Bootleg Submission

My own take on Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama HOPE poster for the 2008 candidacy for President of the United States. I am submitting this design to Fairey’s website to the gallery of his… Continue reading

Updated Website Layouts

So it was a sound investment.

As a part of my summer brief I was to research Milton Glaser, one of the greatest, most successful Graphic designers of the 20th century. Glaser has designed for everything from Louis Armstrong… Continue reading

Matisyahu my favourite Hasidic Jewish Reggae Artist

Matisyahu – King without his Crown Live

The hills are alive with the sound of vinyl

                                     Got bored at lunch time, so I decided to make myself a wee vinyl bowl out of everyone’s favourite lp,  THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Heard about it from my friend who came… Continue reading

Exit through the gift shop Just finished watching this film, you should watch it. Although i have never once heard of Mister Brainwash, didnt know he done the cover art for madonna’s recent album, but the guy… Continue reading

Website Mock ups

These mock ups are for graphics CAD brief, (computer aided design) not the product design programme. FYNE&DANDY.COM. The images are the first website designs I have ever attempt. Feeling pretty good about them.… Continue reading

Gash Illustrator

Created some shengi mascots for my FYNE&DANDY. operation. It must be fun to be an illustrator, just being able to scrawl away in a sketchbook, generating more n more work with simply pens. 

Blog: Take II

Pre BLog  This is a link to my old blog. Making a new blog!