Studio on Fire

My newly found obsession with letterpress has come to a head, with the discovery of ‘Studio on Fire’. S.o.F is a design & letterpress studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ben Levtiz is the man behind the studio. He bought his first press in 1999 and from then on in nothing could could come between him  and letterpress.

Whilst researching into letterpress for my future personal project, I came across their book, entitled ‘Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty’. Naturly the name was odd to say the least and deserved investigation and I’m glad I did. The book is cover to cover gloriously prints designed by S.o.F. Salivating as I gave the book the customary initial flick through. The book opens with the ‘Pressroom Creed’, a take on the Riflemen’s Creed, made famous by ‘Full Metal Jacket’. ‘This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine…’. The saying has been cleverly reworded to apply to printers.

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‘Studio on Fire’ are a true inspiration. I can’t wait to get torn in amongst letterpress now! Here is a video of Ben Levtiz showing us how it’s done.

Check them out ‘Studio on Fire’.