Interviewing the Demographic

Following on from Fionnlagh’s Interview.

Paula and I enjoy interview and talking to the public for our projects and today was no different.  We approached anyone greeting them with “Excuse me, are you a student?”  taking care not to talk to those who just looked like a stereotypical student.

Participants were quite taken with paper decision makers commenting on childhood memories.  They also particularly liked thinking imaginatively for the “Other than reading, name one other use for newspaper?” question and they came up with some varied ideas that as a group we are already inspired by.  However, some didn’t seem to quite grasp the gist of this question suggesting it could be used for study purposes, not what we had in mind but hey we are not dismissing it!

Paper decision makers

When we regrouped we were faced by what seemed like hundreds of decision makers and in an attempt to get some kind of grasp of the information we had

A visual representation of preferred reading in newspapers

gathered we went through a tallied up the results of each question.  This helped us gauge some of the responses we had got and from it we noticed some interesting points.  It was clear that current affairs was the most popular area followed by gossip and sports.  When speaking to people many actually said a mixture of current affairs and gossip or sport was preferable.  Most people suggested they read the paper to fill in time and to keep up to date with what was going on.  Interestingly, fewer people than expected specifically said they read papers when travelling and commuting, tending to suggest more varied general times of waiting.  The most recurring comment was that people would read papers when they were free or when they found them; or online.  For the i newspaper specifically the majority of participants hadn’t even heard of it!

It was a very successful chunk of work though and just to prove how hard we work here are some photos.  (Fionnlagh and I are working hard too just Paula and John deserved the lime light!)