The image of the ‘i’ paper is a far cry from its mother paper the Independent. It has more quirky graphics and striking colours, yet it uses the same text from articles it shares with the Independent. The name itself is up to date, thanks to Apple, the Ipod, IMac, IPhone…
It lends itself to being innovative and sophisticated like the Apple products yet for the fraction of the price of the Independent. £1 vs 20p.
 The graphics allow the reader to navigate the pages easily to find the articles which there are interested in rather than wading through all a lot of pages they don’t want to hear about and it has a good name too The News Matrix. Like the Metro it is aimed at the commuter so this is ideal. The paper is colour coordinated, into sections, which again helps the reader to quickly get to the stories they want to read about.
Over all I feel that the aesthetics of the newspaper are ideally suited towards students, no too over powering with its agenda, colourful, eye catching and good balance of content.