The Return of IRN BRU, The Good Adverts

Whilst looking at Ad agencies in Scotland, I stumbled upon the Leith Agency who have recently returned IRN BRU to it’s former glory in their adverts.

We all remember the good auld IRN BRU ad’s, wether its the Thug Granny Transgender MumRaoul or Phenomenal. However some of IRN BRU’s latest ad’s weren’t so rememberable. BRU JET and that really annoying one with the guy walking around pointing at things trying to rebrand diet IRN BRU for guys… Diet IRN BRU in my opinion is devil’s water.

I digress. Leith have been charged with the ad campaign for IRN BRU’s latest venture, FIREY IRN BRU. They have decided to return the the glory days of IRN BRU ad’s and go with some thing a bit darker.

The campaign suggests that the drink is so fiery that consumers need to watch their language when describing it.

As well as outdoor posters, there is also a viral video featuring pensioners drinking Fiery Irn-Bru.