YCN Brief – i

One of the latest YCN Briefs was to make the ‘i’ paper, sister paper of The Independent, the most read newspaper amongst students. I have only just started reading ‘i’ and I find it a bit high brow for my taste but I wish to expanded my taste in news stories. In our groups each assigned a alternative brief from one another, we began dissecting the paper and finding out why students should read this paper.

We found out that there isn’t really anything really more which separates this paper from say the Guardian, however there is potential for some of the content to be re enforced making it more student friendly rather than young professional or commuters. The layout for example is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to trail through the Independent i.e, students and commuters. After our general analyse of the paper, we split the paper in to groups of research which would best find out how to market this to students.

  • Content
  • Placement – Point of Sale
  • Advertising
  • Competitors

I was allocated to look at the Point of Sale of the newspaper. So I began by seeing where the paper was on sale. I found that the paper was in every shop I went into, however it wasn’t up at eye level like the Guardian and Daily Mail. Also that there wasn’t any visible branding of the paper on any of the facades of the shops or stands. It took a second glance to find the paper but that wasn’t a big issue. I found out that because of the specific placement of the paper’s logo, it was some times hidden under other papers or obscured from sight.

As is reference to students, I purpose a promo campaign where the paper is specially marketed around university campuses. We could use American style newspaper dispensers to make it novel and enticing for students. This would get them reading the paper and hopefully they will carry on buying the paper after the promo campaign is done. Ultimately we could make the paper a free one, such as the Metro or London Standard. The paper is more informative than the Metro and as a lot more content. Therefore getting students familiar with ‘i’ and hopefully move onto the Independent after University.