Chinese Brands… ish

Firstly I would like to start off by saying that we are all put to shame by the talks giving to us by our Chinese peers, amazing English with the courage to get up in front of native English speakers and give a confident and humorous talk is impressive. I won’t even feel comfortable talking in front of my peers, though I speak English… Enough said lets move on.

I blogged about this video a while back and today’s lecture reminded me of it.

After the demise of Communism in China, Western brands where able to ‘Invade’ Chinese culture with our own brands, McDonalds, Nike, KFC, Apple, etc… However they were not ready for what would happen once they were established there. There is no law in China which protects brand’s identities and allows local people to rip off their branding and product.

This does not seem to effect the rip off brands, in terms of popularity in China. However in Britain, rip off brands that are easily identifyable as a rip off are seen as a social faux pas. This is probably due to how wealthy the countries are. Not ruling that there are wealthy people in China but the ratio of rich to poor is much greater than in Britain, therefore allowing rip off brands to thrive and prosper.

Todays insight into Chinese culture and brands was very interesting. Anyone recommend a book on the subject to further my curiosity??