Rebrand Merchant City

Merchant City, in Glasgow, has been rebranded to make it the epicentre of Glasgow’s new society. Merchant City has always been a place where I would go only on special occasions. But this rebrand I feel is trying to open it up to more people and get more of us to come. All be it that Merchant City is nice, with it’s classy shops and good (HIGH PRICED) pubs, but I feel the rebrand hasn’t exactly went to the councils plan’s.

On a prior trip to M.C, I saw the new Scottish Youth Theatre Housed in a modern building with a wooden walk way which takes you through the building into an open air courtyard. There were new shops opened as well as a new bar, all enclosed within this new build. How ever on my return the shops and pub have either changed hands or shut down compeletly. There are ‘For Lease’ signs all over Merchant City, which suggest that either the rent is not too inviting for shop owners or people just don’t see the point of opening up there. Which is a shame. I feel that if the rebrand had been more successful Merchant City could be better than the West End area of Glasgow, or it’s equal.

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Another disappointment from Merchant City is all the old grubby buildings around the area, as well as the constant building site directly across from Merchant Square, the hub of Merchant City. Ok so if there currently in the midst of a new build to make the place even better then fair enough, but all the other buildings around the area could at least do with a clean or being knocked down.

I like Merchant City but I feel that it will never be the next place to be in Glasgow. It will always be good for an occasional night out, for me, but nothing more at this point in time.