Laser Cutting & ROSES…

A recent tutorial on laser cutting has taken over me.

I am entering the MPA ROSES DESIGN AWARDS this semester. Having sent out a number of briefs we had to choose one to tackle. I have went with the TREE HUGGER brief. The TREE HUGGER brief is to basically design an ad campaign for a new museum opening up on trees. As well as the main poster and logo, I will have to design signage, merchandise and maybe a viral ad. My first idea was that I wanted to make a museum based on Wood Block Type, however I think that may be to precise and hold me up later on. So I am either going to go with Art and Trees or Print and Trees, a history. Most likely print n trees.

 I did however have a strong idea I wanted to purse for the offset. LASER CUTTING! I want to create stamps for merchandise in the ‘museum of trees’. So I join in a tutorial on laser cutting and safe to say it is the dog’s…

Here a couple of trials, I was experimenting with the power and speed of the cutting varying results. Including my sexy new cover for this project’s sketchbook.

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