Twenty Four Hour Individual…

Reflecting back on our group project, I found it very interesting collaborating with people from other disciplines, in such a large group, who thought differently from myself. However this made for lengthy discussions and misunderstandings. In the beginning of the group discussions I found people more susceptible to other people’s ideas and accepting ideas. However once it came to the final decisions they were more reluctant to agree on a final piece even though it was basically in agreement with in the groups majority. This difficulty flagged up on more than one occasion but we managed to work through and present our final idea, which we were happy with.

Our ideas I felt were a bit one-sided, being that there was 3 girls to every 1 guy, in our discussions and ideas. We just used the image of the stereotypical stubborn male which annoyed me but suppose it is the demographic of our campaign.

 Overall I felt challenged by the brief and enjoyed mucking in with everyone’s ideas and generating a collaborative outcome. However I feel I need to get rid of my British-ness and tell people what I actually think and feel about their ideas not only in group projects but whilst in class and my opinion is being asked of someone’s work.