TwentyFour Hour Group…

For the 24 hour brief we were to research the problem of why men don’t (Statically) go to the Doctors as much as women, and to come up with an advertising campaign to try to get women to get their partners or son’s to see their GP’s. Our research found that it was more men over 40 who didn’t like going to the doctors.  So we devised a number of ways to obtain our own figures on this area; a questionnaire on general health and why people were put off  attending the doctors, a graphic of a body so people could circle exactly where about on the body where if they were experiencing pain they would go to the doctors and a tick sheet of what member of the person’s family who they would listen to, when told to go to the doctors. Our figures proved the prior research and gave us a solid target for our ad campaign.

Our next objective was to decided which media was best for our ad campaign to go through. Day time television and woman’s weekly magazines we agreed to be the best way to carry out our campaign as it would reach our demographic the quickest way (not to be stereotypical). Once we had decided this, we further split our group into four teams and got to work coming up with advert ideas, using the information we obtained from our active research and  brain storming sessions.

 My group’s idea was to have a man who is ill, going through his day-to-day life, unconsciously not noticing gradually bigger and bigger notes from his un-named wife, girlfriend, mistress or partner. Finally returning home and finally seeing a note from his other half in a mirror, after coughing onto it, and seeing his reflection, realises he needs to see a doctor, with our tagline,“Eventually he’ll get the message“. The idea was meant to show that a big deal doesn’t have to be made about the doctors for someone to go (aimed at both men and women).  Once all the mini groups had come up with an idea each we gave one another a presentation of our ideas. We all decided that our ideas were similar and to collaborate to combine all the best ideas together. After lengthy discussion and much confusion, we finally agreed on our final advert and got to work making up the visuals final before the deadline.