Elgar Packaging

Recently I had to make packaging based upon Sir Edward Elgar. Elgar is a famous composer from the early 20th Century, probably most famous for ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, although he has written many more renown pieces.

In my opinion Elgar is the epitome of the English gentlemen. So for my packaging I thought, ‘What else is an icon of Englishness?’. Beside the obvious, The Queen and The Union Jack, I decided to create packaging for Tea, a  main stay in English society. I devised a tea named ‘ELGAR EARL GREY’ which is a given and made the put his face on the tabs.

However I felt this lacked substantially, the packaging would only be a simply box for the tea bags to go in. So I continued my research, thinking more about the physical aspects of Elgar, when I came across a tea cup made for moustached gentlemen. This was perfect to included in my packaging, as Elgar has quite a striking moustache. I sourced a Moustache tea cup from eBay.

So I began designing packaging around both the tea cups and tea bags.  I made the packaging typically Victorian with little imagery. Came up with a design for the front cover which highlights the era of the contents and Litho printed my design onto the front and inside lid.

This was my first attempt at the packaging, but felt it was wasteful with the material and was space for only one tea bag. I redesigned the entire body of the packaging to incorporate more tea bags and more efficient spacing and then layered it with blue velvet to give it a more Victorian feel. I feel that I have successfully answered the brief but only time will tell…. roll on the crit.