Ask The Expert…

After the MASSIVE success of the Old Spice Adverts, by Wieden+Kennedy, starring Isaiah Mustafa, which gathered 6.7 million views after 24 hours, ballooning over 23 million views after 36 hours. L’Oréal have taken a shot at creating a Viral ad campaign of their own… THE EXPERT.

The Expert is basically a suave James Bond Character, who answers people’s question which they have posted on the Facebook site. Stylised similarly to the Old Spice ad’s, The new face of L’Oreal Men Expert, is exactly that, an expert at being a man, dispensing his advice on man skills to all Ape’s (and Gentlemen) worldwide.  Ask L’Oreal’s Expert and he will respond with his infinite wisdom.

I enjoy these ads. I feel that L’Oreal have taken a similar approach to Old Spice but have managed to spin it in such away that it make’s it, it’s own. Concentration on the new age man, who wants to keep up his appearance and be in touch with new technology and its done here successfully by making the advert a viral, so the technology savvy middle aged man can find it.