Generating Personas for Smash

To be able to create a successful advert, first we need to find our demographic!

We collected information from a wide cross section of people from school children to pensioners. We stopped them in the street and asked for two moments of their time to draw onto a paper plate their favourite meal or fill out a questionnaire. Knowning how annoying it is to be stopped in the street by someone after something, I was pleasantly surprised when out of all the 35 people we stopped only one refused to help us out.

After collecting, sorting and discussing data, we each agreed we would write seperate personas for different age groups, then think of adverts for our chosen age group. They are yet to be assigned.We decided to split the personas by their age groups because we agreed each one (18-30, 31-50, 51-) had the most general potential persona out of all the categories we considered.

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Dave, 24, Sales Assistant.
Dave enjoys socialisng with his friends and playing music. He has a busy schedule and doesn’t always find time to make dinner. 
So he buys cheap ready meals and foods which take little effort to prepare and will fill him up. He has some disposable income, 
so often he buys food from takeaways to save himself time and hassle.
Jenny, 38, Working Mum.
Jenny’s life revolves around her work and family. She would like to feed her family more wholesome, healthier food but often finds herself
serving up quick, not so healthy food because she is in a rush. She would love to be able to cook her family a healthy delicious meal but can’t most of the time. 
Her family is often on a tight budget so can’t afford some of the more expensive ready meals available.
Margo, 66, Retired.
Margo enjoys cooking for her husband. They don’t have alot of money, but Margo knows how to buy original ingredients for cheap to make
an entire dinner from scratch for both her and her husband. Margo doesn’t like ready meals and doesn’t ever buy them.