JB Week II – Rational/Irrational.

I have always thought of Irrational decisions as a negative… But after the JB’s lecture I now understand, Irrational = Emotional. An example used in the lecture was the decisions when buying a new car. Rational decisions were; if the car was economical to run, big enough, the price and wether it was used or new? Where as the Irrational decisions where; what make, what colour, will I look cool in it and will people be impressed by it?

Rational = Practical     Irrational = Emotional

This way of breaking down decisions is crucial when marketing products. Benefits over Features, Form follows Function. We were set a task to create an advert for wooden clothes pegs using this method. I found it useful to be able to separate both categories and focus on the real benefits which people look for rather than the superficial elements of some of the most basic items.