Advertising & Branding – Little Riot.

Had our my first 3rd year workshop today. Working in groups, using marketing tools, we had to layout pros and cons, benefits, opportunities and critiques of our chosen business… The DJCAD Cantina. I found the tools to be surprising useful and really easy to use. After our trial runs on our made up client, we had a guess speaker. Joanna Montgomery of LITTLE RIOT, came in to tell us about her revolutionary up and coming product Pillow Talk. Pillow talk is a device used by a couple who are distances apart to hear and feel one another. A pulse sensor is worn like a ring whilst in bed, and transmits via an app on your phone to its counterpart over distances and relays the pulse to a device in the others pillow. Making it appear that you can feel the person’s heart beat from the pillow.

After her presentation, it was our turn to yet again use our marketing tools to analyse this product and identify its strengths and weaknesses. We highlighted my points on both pros and cons, such as the potential to be marketed to hotels, but also the fact that there was no way of replacing a lost piece or broken without purchasing an entire new set. I felt that Joanna took our advice and critiques on board and appreciated our attempts.