In the Summer Time….

Over the summer period, along with desperately trying to source income so I can continue my studying next year in Dundee, I  am planning to do a number of up dates to my Blog as well as improvements. As well as read some books to keep up my researching and interest in the world today.

BLOG //.

  • Link my blog to my FLICKR account
  • Create a new webpage, instead of a template from word press.
  • Create a portfolio section to my blog, so everyone can see my past work.
  • List blogs I have stumbled upon and really enjoy.
  • New blog identity? Wanted on Voyage….


The lucifer Effect, P. Zimbardo.

.Haven’t read the entire book yet.

Pulled‘, Mike Perry

Read his book ‘handjob’ last semester, really inspirational for my course work.

Blink‘, M. Gladwell

Having read his book the Tipping point last semester, I am eager to read more of his material.

‘This is Social Media‘, G. Clapperton.

Following up all the importance of creating a online identity I think this book will be an insight to doing so.

‘The Autobiography of a Super Tramp’, W.H. Davies.

A book I have been putting off reading for a while now. It can’t go on.


People //.

People I plan to get in touch with over the summer are;

  • The gals from Made in the Shade, in Glasgow. Try to sell on my I love the Barra’s Logo design.

  • ATALANTA, an advertising & design company with offices in Glasgow and London. I would like to try talk to them about there projects and maybe future employment, and the best route to achieve that.

  • DJCAD graduate, John Argyle. He currently works for Atalanta as well as a free lance Graphic designer.



Enjoy the summer.