Do I Give A ***

Semester two – Graphic Design//.

We were allocated a charity, some local, some international. I was giving Cornerstone Community Care, a charity devoted to helping those with both physical and mental illnesses. We were to research our charity and display our findings on a moodboard. To my surprise Cornerstone do a lot more than just help look after people with disabilities. They help rehabilitate those who can be, and also help people become more independent in their lives by finding them work and private accommodation.

After presenting our research to our tutors, we were tasked with creating an attractive  broadsheet about our charity, conveying a key element to they organisation. I choose to look at Cornerstone’s Policy of giving Justice back to the Community, relating back to the charities original reason to start-up.

This was my fisrt time designing and mapping out a broadsheet, so I was very aprehensive in my ideas. At first my design was very uniformed and boring, as was my design after that and after that… Finally begining bored of my simplistic layouts I opted for a total revamp.


I would say that my fianl layout is successful in conveying my desired message as well as giving a flavour of the Charity’s identity. Our final step in this mammoth brief is to create a 3D Typography installation, which is to exhibitied on Level 5 in the Matthew Building at DJCAD.

to be continued…