Assignment III – Bingo

For our latest assignment from JB, was to observe people and their surroundings in an environment that I’d feel uncomfortable in. Therefore we went to the BINGO! Now an official member, aint nothing but a thing. We arrived for the main session at 7 o’clock.

ON entering the bingo, the grandeur of our surrounds were very obvious. Lights, big mirrors, weird escalators, coffee stand, neons and other weird decorations. The staff at th desk welcomed us, which I did not anticipate. I thought they would have been suspect of us, but no. We were all promptly signed up for memeberships, given a free bingo marker and a voucher for free play next visit. Which I will be using soon. Before enetering the hall, we walked through a mini las vegas. Wall to wall slot machines, couches, refreshments and of course Neons! I guess the bingo hall, is there to squeeze every penny they can out of people.

The hall itself was massive, with loads of seats, sum facing a huge board where the bingo caller stands and the number flash up on screen behind him.

Two and one, twenty one

On it’s own, number nine

All the three’s, thirty three.

I fought the general atmosphere in the bingo hall pleasent and welcome. The colours were all warm, the carpet was crazy and for the people….. well apart from occasionlly looking up from there bingo cards to stare at the outsiders. we’re all placid and kept to themselves.

The game of bingo, has to been one of the most fast pace confusing things in the world. Yet all around you, all the old dears were in amongst there cards, blotting away like some form of sweatshop chain gang. And for my favourite part….. HOUSE! After someone wins that game and shouts house, there is a general mummering all around the bingo hall. I just love the idea of a hall full of harmless old people, unanimously hating and cursing blue murder on this single person’s victory. It made my night.

One strange observation I made however was an elderly couple sitting near us. Whilst the woman was playing away along to the caller, her husband was reading his paper with his hand over his face. Both totally ignoring one another.