What Images Mean…

Our latest assignment from Design Studies is to take three random photos and show them to random people, asking them if they will a make up a short story using these images as the context. The people we asked were to be of a non artistic/design background.

Five people agreed to look at the photos and make up a short story, here is the results gathered;

  • ‘a man once travelled many miles to visit the wailing wall and was dismayed to find when he arrived that he had completely misunderstood the whereabouts of the wall. Dismayed he returned home to the land of the tigers who knew him and accpeted him as one of their own……
  • ‘There was an artist that liked to “think outside the box” as arty types do. He moved his arts to the streets so people could appreciate it and enrich their lives wif a nice wee picture before work, on their lunch so on. But then he seen a blind man n realised that he would not be able to enjoy it. sooooo he thot of a very clever way to take art to a new level and have the visually impaired man experience it. They were so happy at this revelation that they hugged each other, a big bear/tiger hug.

    The end.’

  • ‘The wall muralists had spent so long on this one in such a long narrow hall, at least 5 weeks. They needed some inspiration and since they were in the land of the snow ligers they went out to find some. These are mysterious animals and can’t be found or even seen regularly. Suddenly through a misty haze Fred the more hippy orientated one of the muralist group, spotted a snow liger behind a frosty fir tree. He trusted his instinct and approached the fantastic creature, to his surprise it said…geeza hug mate…..Fred did but unfortunately he went blind due to the extreme beauty of the moment. Fred was blind but happy he didn’t ever have to finish the tiresome murals his misfortune in the art world had led him into doing to make ends meet.’
  • ‘A deaf man comes upon a pictured wall map in a museum which inspires him to travel despite being deaf. He travels the world and on a group tour of the rainforest, he finds and injured white lion cub. He lives his life away from home and raises the tiger. When the tiger grows to be big and strong it takes a wild turn and attacks the now eldery man who as a result loses his sight. The man travels back to his hometown and re visits the wall which first inspired him. Now he’s a man you see in the street with his white and red stick with no idea of his past.’
  • ‘The man with the Tiger used to be a graffiti artist, but was decieved by the Tiger as it seemed to only want a hug. The Tiger clawed out the artists’ eyes, and now he is blind and must use a stick.’

Our results varied much. The people we used turned out to be very excentric. The majortiy of people intpretated the images as the Tiger attacking the man blinding him.


So I added this image to the originals and sent the card off once more to 5 different people and to my suprise they all came back to be pretty much the same. I think the obvious nature of the slash, with the red colour, made every one think that the tiger was the reason for the seeing cane.