Impossible Aspirations it seems.

Our most recent lecture was from REDJotter herself, Ms Lauren Currie. The lecture was not eagerly anticipated, as we have had a stream of ex grads coming into to talk of their trials and errors and eventual success. However Lauren’s talk was really interesting. I have no real interest in Service Design, although it affects me in my every day life most likely, but I enjoyed her thought processes and her amusing anecdotes about her work. Lauren told us, as JB has many many a times, to set up a strong online presence, through Flickr, twitter, Facebook and Skype. She has built an online reputation for herself to rival many big names. I feel like that the stage Lauren has got to seems impossible for me. How can someone become well-known through blogs when there are so many people out there blogging away also. But I hope that it is just my naivety and some day I will be able to have connections in the design world, as plentiful as Lauren.


Wanted on Voyage.