Assignment numero uno//.


For this assignment I was paired with a girl from Textiles, D. Arnott.

Having exchanged photos of both our childhood and living space, I set about analysing them in-depth to find out what kind of person she was. Surprisingly all my assumptions were correct, bar a few.

After looking at the photographs, I think that she is an organised/tidy person (tidied for the photograph). She has a great interest in fashion, there is a lot of jewellery, clothes and perfumes around her room. She is an outgoing person, who like’s to go out and have a laugh (empty vodka bottle in her room).

I thought that she liked to read a lot, having a book shelf with plenty of reading. Though she tells me that she use to read a lot, but not anymore. I should have guessed that because all the books are either school recommend or a bit dated.
I deduced that she has a great relationship with both her friends and family. Lots of photographs all over the wall of them. Her childhood was happy, remnants of it are still visible around her room; snow-white poster, Capital D picture.

I guessed that she was influenced by her friends but she influenced them as much as well. Having had a close-knit group of friends for a long time and therefore had no pressure to conform to any stereotypes. She has been able to be who she wants to be because of how comfortable she is with the people who she surrounds herself with.

And she likes the colour RED….

This was her response to my ‘Snooping’;


Basically yeah.Scary.Haha I doubt I will be so accurate.

I am organised in general, I don’t mind my room being messy though, but i still live with my parents so my mum has more of a say in that haha.
Yeah i do have an interest in fashion.Yeah i do like to go out and have a laugh. I used to read a lot when i was still at school but have hardly picked up a book since (but i guess the dust on the shelf wasn’t that obvious :P). I studied that book for my higher English, but I don’t really know why i have two copies.
True. True. True…
Also true, I’ve grown up with my really close friends, so by you saying that i am comfortable to be myself around them you are correct yet again!
Though… you picked up i liked the colour red? Is it because i wore red in my photos? I didn’t even notice. Haha. I thought you would have said purple cause of the colour of my room.

Well done. Weird huh?

I felt my analysis was really successful and I am making a move into Personality Psychology from Graphics.

My reaction to her feedback was similar. Arnott’s analysis of me and my environment was pretty accurate. She didn’t come out with anything totally absurd that I disagreed with her. She was as successful as my evaluation of her was.

Overall I thought that this project was a bit far-fetched. Analysing someone who I hardly knew and confronting them with my results seemed a bit of a ‘left at the lights’ considering I am studying for a Graphic design degree. However I found it to be enjoyable and very interesting and would have never done it on my own.