The ‘Killing’ of a Puppy

In their latest advert, those lovely people at Andrex, have decided on a new direction. THEY HAVE AXED THE PUPPY, and replaced the iconic figurehead with a CGI imposter. A bad choice. A spokesperson from Andrex had this to say, “We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character.”  Bollocks.

I could deal with some annoying voice over for the puppy, ok that’s fine, but to get rid of the real puppy all together is  blasphemy!

The puppy has been has been on our screens since 1972 and there has been no monotony throughout the campaign. SO WHY CHANGE! or ‘EVOLVE’ the ad.

Here is the new bastard form of Kimberely – Clarks Andrex Puppy against the original 1972 version, what’s better?