Déclaration de la population contre les pathologistes

The end is in sight! The dreaded ist/ism project is winding down. My manifesto is taking shape nicely!

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The idea behind Déclaration de la population contre les pathologistes ( declaration of the people against Pathologists) is an homage to the French Revolution Charter inspired by my allocated subjects, Pathology and Rococo. It’s a manifesto warning Pathologists ( Surgeons, doctors, men of science) not to become obsessed with their status with in Society and be for the people. Set during the French Revolution, late 18th Century the period of Rococo. The seal on the manifesto is red ribbon, the sign of the guillotine, with a skull emphasising the consequences of not obeying the decrees of the Manifesto

Printed using Lithography, with black ink on paper. I feel the unpredictable finish from the lithography helps to make my manifesto look from that period.