Final Museum Poster!

Slowly but surely our first semester is coming to an end, and here is my first piece of DONE work. All be it that it is not purely my own, kudos to Mr Dan Penman. I have something to show for this year so far. I was becoming worried by the lack of final outcomes from this year. Last year we were producing end products every two weeks, but hey! Here we have it.

After coming up with a mad hat idea for our 3D sculpture for this brief and photographing it in the studio, I felt that out of all the people in my class, our photos were the weakest! Although the construction itself was ‘3D’, we screwed the objects to a singular plain, white dod of wid! Boring boring boring. Yet salvaged through photography, we managed to make what I think to be a nice looking poster. I wouldn’t go, but the poster is sure nice to look at…