Following friday’s lecture pizza was on my agenda for that evening, however Jb’s subliminal endorsements for Domino’s pizza aside,

Friday morning 10 am, could only mean one thing for  design students, lecture time… but unlike last year in general course, where Louise would drone on about artists from years gone by I actually enjoy these lectures and this week’s is no exception. Good vs Bad Design. I found the section of the lecture on ladybird books quite interesting. I grew up on Ladybird book’s, ‘Peter and Jane’, but never looked at the connotations of the illustrations that Jb pointed out to us.

They conformed to stereotypes, with neat, obedient children. Peter helping ‘Daddy’ with the car or in the garden, and Jane helping ‘Mummy’ in the kitchen, the things Men and Women should of been doing! After researching the origin of the illustrations I found that the target market for the books were middle class white families and therefore to maximize sales they mirrored the life of the middle class.

Many of the illustrations were drawn by Harry Wingfield and Martin Aitchison through out the series.